Casey Chapman

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Reverand Casey R. Chapman serves as our pastor.  Pastor Casey was recieved as our pastor in July of 2018.  He is a 2013 graduate of Liberty Univisity in Lynchburg, VA where he specialized in Pastoral Leadership, and he recieved his ordination in 2014 and his commissioning in the Disciples of Christ as a commissioned minister in 2020.  He has served as a interim pastor through out North West Pennsylvainia and was the senior pastor of a small, country church outside of Greenville, PA.  He has been in pastoral ministry since 2013, and has been involved in general ministry leadership since 2008.  Pastor Casey currently resides in Pennsylvainia, but hopes to join us in Cortland soon.  Outside of the church the pastor has a passion for disc golfing and hiking.  The Pastor also has the privlage of maintaining his coloumn "A Walk Through His Word" in the Cortland Good News Paper.  He is available at the church during regular office hours (Monday through Thursday 8a-1p).